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Blog Guidelines

Types of Submissions

Blogs and articles that relate to foreign affairs and international relations, with a specific desire for writing that touches on the subjects of development, international commerce and economics, diplomacy, international security and international relations theory. Creativity is encouraged and different perspectives are appreciated but blog submissions must maintain an academic level of discourse and remain respectful in their tone and content.


We are looking for 500 – 3000 word submissions. A little less or a little more is not an issue.


Submit in .doc or .docx format please.


Links are important. They create an interactive experience for your reader on par with art/pictures and help develop your argument.

In addition, they serve as your citations in the blog format. If you have read, seen, or heard about what you are talking about somewhere else, please send me a link to that source, book, person, or whatever. You don’t need to be crazy about it, just be honest with yourself.

Please include your hyperlinks in the Word Doc that you submit.  Copying and pasting the links at the bottom of your blog submission is the preferred format outside of hyperlink insertion.


We welcome author suggestions when it comes to pictures and visual media to supplement articles.

Although, suggested pictures must either be in the public domain, under a creative commons license, owned by the author, or the author must gain explicit permission to use it.

This article explains public domain and creative commons licenses pretty well. It also provides a list of common art sources used around the web for blogs. We get most of ours off of the Wikimedia Commons or the Flickr Creative Commons (watch for symbols that denote terms of use though) and can usually find something pretty good there.

After you find one you like, simply copy and paste the link from your browser to the word document you are submitting to us. We need the whole page on the site where you are getting it from (like this), so we may properly cite it in the blog

If you do not have time or do not feel like suggesting a picture for your article, we will be happy to find one that works for your post.

Magazine Guidelines


Articles should be between 4-8 pages in length and provide coherent and timely analysis on a pressing issue in international affairs (security, trade/econ, development). A good guideline on how to craft such an article can be found at (specifically under the “Memo” section)

Book reviews

Book reviews should be between 2-3 pages. Book reviews are not book reports. Instead of regurgitating what the author has already written, a book review should briefly introduce the authors argument and supporting evidence. A successful book review will examine an author’s argument within the context of other literature on the subject and the reviewers own knowledge of the subject.

Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. All submissions should be sent to with Journal Submission in the title line. Thank you for your papers!

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