Peruvian President Faces Constitutional Complaint

Written by Ciara Perez

October 17, 2022

Peruvian President Pedro Castillo is facing a constitutional complaint alleging that he is leading a corruption ring within the government. This complaint was filed by Attorney General Patricia Benavides. Whereas presidents typically have immunity against criminal charges, the filing of a constitutional complaint gives Congress a loophole to carry out its own trial. The complaint “will be examined by parliament and could lead to President Castillo’s suspension from office if more than 65 of the 130 members were to vote in favor”.

In the last week, five of his allies have been arrested for corruption allegations. President Castillo’s sister-in-law, Yenifer Paredes, is currently under pre-trial detention while investigators make inquiries into allegations of influence peddling. No official charges have been made against her so far.

Despite Congress being controlled by the opposing parties, President Castillo has made it through two impeachment attempts and five criminal investigations in the year since he took office. Peru has had five presidents since 2016 – “one of them was ousted through impeachment, another resigned before an impeachment vote and a third one resigned after street protests”.

President Castillo has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and vows to finish his term in 2026. He says that the constitutional complaint, raids, and detentions targeting his allies are a “coup d’état” orchestrated by the Attorney General’s Office.

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