Honduras to Cut Diplomatic Ties with Taiwan

Written by Ciara Perez On March 14, 2023, Honduran President, Xiomara Castro, announced that the Honduras Foreign Ministry had begun switching diplomatic recognition from Taiwan to China. Though changing diplomatic recognition to China was one of Castro’s campaign promises, in line with the left-wing Liberty and Refoundation Party she represented, it was unclear if Castro would... Continue Reading →

Movement in the Chilean Government

Written by Ciara Perez March 12, 2023 Chilean Constitution Reform After an overwhelming majority voted against the proposed new constitution in September 2022, a second draft is officially in the works. Congress appointed a group of experts to begin the constitution draft, which is expected to be more moderate in its language. “The experts will... Continue Reading →

Political Protests in Peru

by Ciara Perez Peru has been facing political protests since December 7, 2022, when President Pedro Castillo was ousted from power after an attempt to avoid impeachment by dissolving Congress. His actions resulted in impeachment, and his vice president, Dina Boluarte, stepped in, making her the sixth president in six years. Following this change in... Continue Reading →

Peruvian President Faces Constitutional Complaint

Written by Ciara Perez October 17, 2022 Peruvian President Pedro Castillo is facing a constitutional complaint alleging that he is leading a corruption ring within the government. This complaint was filed by Attorney General Patricia Benavides. Whereas presidents typically have immunity against criminal charges, the filing of a constitutional complaint gives Congress a loophole to... Continue Reading →

Lula’s Victory, Bolsonaro’s Defeat

Written by Ciara Perez November 7, 2022 On Sunday, October 30th, leftist candidate Luiz Lula won the presidential election by an incredibly small margin of 50.1% to Bolsonaro’s 49.1%. Jair Bolsonaro did not speak publicly for two days after the election results. When he did address the public on Tuesday, he agreed to transfer power... Continue Reading →

Tensions Leading to Brazil’s Election Day

Written by Ciara Perez - September 19, 2022 On October 2nd, the people of Brazil will cast their vote in the presidential election, with candidates including right-wing populist, Jair Bolsonaro, and leftist candidate, Luis Lula. Bolsonaro is the current President running for reelection, and his main rival is Lula, who governed the country from 2003-2010.... Continue Reading →

Amending Chile’s Constitution

Written by Elliott Cochran - September 5, 2022 On September 4th, the people of Chile will vote on a new constitution. The new constitution will grant rights to the indigenous population and correct inequality.  The constitution will shift the voice of Chile to the edges of the nation and away from mining operations. However, there... Continue Reading →

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