The Anti-Corruption Campaign Goes On and So Do the “Gaffes”

Written by Camden Hanley

September 26, 2022

A group of CCP officials have been charged and sentenced to jail on various counts of corruption. This anti-corruption campaign has been ongoing since Xi Jinping entered office in 2013. Corruption within the CCP was rampant and needed to be quelled, but many observers claim that those charged are often political opponents of Xi. At the 19th Party Congress in 2017, Xi vowed to keep targeting “tigers” and “flies” meaning that elite officials and low-level bureaucrats would be investigated.

State media sources in the PRC are calling these men a “political clique” that was led by Sun Lijun. Sun was the most prominent of these officials being a former Deputy Public Security Minister. He has been jailed for accepting bribes totaling $91 million, manipulating the stock market, and illegally owning two firearms. He was given the death sentence, but that has been commuted to a life sentence with no possibility of parole.

The others convicted include Fu Zhenghua, Gong Daoan, Deng Huilin, and Liu Xinyun. Fu was a former justice minister and the other three were former police chiefs of Shanghai, Chongqing, and Shanxi province, respectively. They were all convicted of accepting bribes in the millions of dollars. Fu was additionally charged with hiding evidence of his brothers, Fu Weihua, suspected crimes between 2014 and 2015.

In other news, “gaffes” seem to be contagious around East Asia. For the fourth time since taking office, US President Joe Biden committed another “gaffe” stating that the US would come to Taiwan’s defense in the event of a PRC attack on the island. This has angered the PRC and continues undermine the US policy of “strategic ambiguity.” The Whitehouse, however, continues to insist there has been no change in US policy.

The other leader to commit a “gaffe” of his own was South Korean President Yoon. He was caught on a hot mic apparently saying “It would be so embarrassing for Biden if those f***ers at the National Assembly didn’t pass this [bill],” to his aides as he was walking off stage. He seems to be referring to Biden’s pledge to contribute $6 billion to the Global Fund, an IGO committed to defeating HIV, TB, and malaria across the developing world. This would require congressional approval, so it’s not guaranteed to pass. Recently, he has committed other diplomatic mis-steps including failing to meet with US Speaker of the House on her trip to South Korea and being disrespectful, according to his domestic political opponents, when he missed the chance to view Queen Elizabeth’s coffin lying in state which he blamed on heavy traffic.

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