Another Pro-Ukraine Election Win in Estonia

Written by Ash Breedlove

March 12, 2023

Digital voting has dominated Estonia’s most recent general election. The Baltic nation has used “i-voting” in order to increase the use of digital infrastructure. I-voting is made secure by an electronic identity system provided by e-Estonia. The security system involves user ID, a card reader, and PIN codes. Estonia has reportedly had zero cases of i-voter fraud. If one has already cast an electronic vote, they can change that vote by voting in person on election day. In total, 51% of votes were cast through the internet.

As of March 5th, 98% of votes have been counted in Estonia’s parliamentary election. The Reform party, the party of Prime Minster Kaja Kallas, has secured first place in the election. Kallas’ party secured 31.5% of the votes while the far-right EKRE party secured 16.1% of votes in second place. Kallas has continually voiced her support for Ukraine and putting pressure on Russia. The current government of Estonia is and will continue to be pro-Ukraine with the Reform party’s win in this election.

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