Amending Chile’s Constitution

Written by Elliott Cochran – September 5, 2022

On September 4th, the people of Chile will vote on a new constitution. The new constitution will grant rights to the indigenous population and correct inequality.  The constitution will shift the voice of Chile to the edges of the nation and away from mining operations. However, there have been protests across the country as they worry over water rights, giving authority over mining rights to the state, and the possibility of corruption. Chileans still remember the days of Salvador Allende, Chilean president in 1970, calling for state land seizures. The constitution comes at a time when Chile is falling behind in lithium production. The need for lithium has caused the price to rise by 750%. Chile is a part of the lithium triangle, which includes Bolivia and Argentina. Chile dramatically cut its lithium production because of its role in creating nuclear weapons. However, now that car manufacturers are backing electric cars to combat climate change, Chile can fill a global demand.  Many companies have attempted to break through and open operations in Chile. LiCo left Chile before it began producing in 2019. Chinese giant BYD is in trouble as indigenous protests are targeting them.

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